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Christmas time is approaching, and I've got absolutely nothing that relates to it. So there. Anyhoo, I've not been getting very many questions, so do take some time and ask, if you would. It's very lonely here, and when it gets too quiet, you can hear them...

Hah! Just kidding. The neighbours usually don't get that noisy until after New Years, and a few drinks.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Dear Mr. Thinker,

I am a good fan of the 'Dinotopia' series, and I was wondering, where did all the dinosaurs go?

Most of the dinosaurs noted the advance of the human race, and its soon-to-be cultural achievements,1 and were forced to compensate. Most immediately broke for Hollywood, and thereafter starred in numerous B-Movies. The other few got lost along the way, and became overly involved in politics, up until the Watergate scandal, whereupon they decided to retire.

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1All sorts of great things, like war, rugby, disc jockeys, etc.

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