Marilyn Manson - A Biography

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Born January 5th 1969, in Canton, Ohio; and dually named Brian Hugh Warner, no one could have predicted what was in store for what would become the legendary Marilyn Manson. His mother, Barbera was a long suffering neurotic housewife; and his father, Hugh was a Vietnam veteran that had sprayed Agent Orange on the troops during the war.
Brian spent many of his days playing with his cousin at his grandfathers house; and through this, discovered the family skeletons. His grandfather, was by nature a sexual deviant. He kept all kinds of "adult" and often illegal material in his basement, wore womens underwear, and young Brian and his cousin were witness to many unpleasant sights - as well documented in Manson's autobigoraphy "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell".

He also went to the local Heritage Christian school; where, through constant exposure to terrifying proclamations of the apocolypse and sin and the evils of rock and rool, he eventually rebelled. After numerous attempts to get kicked out his parents decided to finally relocate to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But whilst he had been there, Canton had sowed the seeds for the creation of Marilyn Manson the rock star - Brian had experienced drugs, a debased version of the occult, started to write, and had as much sex as he could get (not to mention catching an STD in the process).
In Ft. Lauderdale, his father took a job in a furniture store, whilst a late-teens Brian sent off warped short stories to every available receptacle. None came to frutition except for one...a short story about an alcholic writer who has a well that swallows everything he loved. He went to Broward Community College, and took a journalism course; first taking a job as a night manager in a record store and then finally blagging his way into a journalist position in a free local entertainment guide entitled "Tonght Today".

It was during the period of time writing for the magazine, that young Brian Warner discovered Marilyn Manson. He later said in his autobiography;

"Marilyn Manson was the perfect story protaganist for a frustrated writer like myself. He was, a character who, because of his contempt for the world around him, and more so, himself, does everything he can to trick people into liking him. And then, once he wins their confidence, he uses it to destroy them."

The name originates from the splicing of America's two most prominent celebrities - movie star Marilyn Monroe and 60's cult leader Charles Manson. The good and the bad. It is based along the idea that Marilyn, whilst being celebrated for her supposed purity, had an ugly side : drug addiction, neurosis and a string of failed relationships and pregnancies. Whereas Charles Manson, America's biggest serial killer (despite never being officially convicted of murdering anyone) had a musical, intelligent and creative side. Ironically, he is always asked about the Manson half of his name; rarely the Marilyn.

By this time, he was interviewing rockstars, including Trent Reznor of NIN and the combination of this lure towards fame and the lack of success with his writing, he began to formulate an idea to start a band. The music scene in Florida was populated by black rap stars such as 2LiveCrew who were making it big with their dirty nursery rhymes. Brian decided that if they could do it, why couldn't a white rock band do it too?

"No one really likes poetry anyway".
So, alongside his friend Brian Tutanic (sp?) he began to tranform lyrical scraps of poetry into songs.It took a while to assemble, but eventually the first incarnation of the band took to the stage.

The band began to gain prominence - there was nothing quite like it before. The stage was decorated like a mutilated child's room, the band members like warped dolls. The fans began to accumulate. After difficulties with names and stageshows, they were eventually signed by Trent Reznor to his nothing label - because they were good, but too controversial to sign for a deal.

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