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Introduction to Andorra

The Constitutional Co-Principality of Andorra is a tiny country with a tiny population with no taxes. This of course, makes it very popular with consumers. For the more obnoxious and/or dimwitted among my readers, it is not the size or population that causes its popularity with consumers. It is the lack of taxes.

History of Andorra

It was founded by Charlemagne in approximately 900. I am no longer referring to lack of taxes. That was not founded by Charlemagne. I am referring to the country of Andorra. It was, as I said, founded by Charlemagne in approximately 900. He gave power to two princes. He did not give these two princes power over all his realm. He did not give them power over no taxes. He gave them power over the country of Andorra.

Catalan in Andorra

Andorra, interestingly enough, is the only Catalan nation in the world. When I say this, I am not referring to taxes, size, or population. I am not referring to ethnicity. I am, in fact, not referring to something which I have already referred to in this document. I am referring to the fact that Andorra is the only Catalan-speaking nation in the world.

Andorran Ethnicity

Please disregard my previous statement concerning ethnicity, because I now do plan to speak concerning ethnicity. Or rather, do not regard my previous statement that states that I am not speaking about ethnicity, because it is in the last paragraph. You see, I am allowed to refer to ethnicity after I say I am not referring to ethnicity. I am not allowed to refer to ethnicity while I am saying that I am not referring to ethnicity. I hope you all understand. They are Basque.

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