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Class: Wood Elf, Thief/General mischief maker

Familiar/Summon creature: A Fox beast

Appearance: Ren has a short ash blonde to brown bob of hair just long enough to be tied away from his face in a short ponytail. He has bright blue eyes and wears green and brown light clothing with a bag made of animal skins slung about himself

Personality/Quirks: Mischevious, Cunning, Sly, Playful, Uncompassionate

Extra Abilities: Summon creature, basic elemental magic, Theif, Telepathy

Weapons: Bow and arrow, small knife

Armor: None

Advantages: Tracking, Ultravision, Survivalist, Perfect Balance, Combat Reflexes, Absolute Direction, Acute senses, Danger sense

Disadvantages: Moderately curious, Social stigma- ( people are wary of Elves, especially sly ones ), No Emotion-Sense, Short Temper, Arrogant

Other Information: Likes to join in adventuring groups, however isnt necessarily trustworthy. Little is known of his past, although he may be wanted for theft in other regions. Carries a small flute with which he summons creatures and charms animals. The fox that travels with him has a strange connection with him and is sharp enough to make it the object of much curiosity.

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