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Posted: 4th July 2022

All Creatures Great and Small

A black bear checking out the Post Office bird feeder for noms.

Yes, that is a black bear, Ursus americanus americanus. This one is a she, and she's a bully. You can see her and her large family of four cubs in the video on this page. She swans around the neighbour in broad daylight and treats our bird feeders like her personal snack cupboard. You can see her in the video giving me the evil eye. That's because we were out of bird food (the squirrels and birds and bunnies got it all). She has destroyed several suet holders. Last time they visited the h2g2 Post Office and Wildlife Sanctuary, the cubs shinnied up the walnut trees. This time they just trotted off across the street and headed back into the woods, probably to go down the hill and bother the boaters on the Nighthoover River. Anyway, I thought you'd like to see them. And yes, for the nth time, we live in town. Which means nothing to the wildlife. They live here, too.

Mama Bear is probably the largest (non-extinct) creature we're featuring this week. Tavaron's snail is the tiniest. In between, we have it all: visiting butterflies and hummingbirds and squabbling seagulls. An exotic cat taking a nap and a zebra finch wanting its dinner. Speaking of dinner, Willem will take you to the vulture restaurant. Amazing photos, all of these.

FWR hums a few tunes. Paulh complains about wildlife. I don't want to hear about it because he doesn't have bears. Awix lets us in on his home cinema selection techniques, while I take you down the road to see what crosses it. Lots to see and admire in this issue, also videos and an extra quiz to keep you guessing.

Yes, the world is awful. Yes, humans are messing everything up. They quarrel worse than the seagulls. They can't leave each other in peace. They make the angels weep. They ruin the earth. This month's challenge, about water, is timely: John Oliver did a piece last week about the mismanagement of the Colorado River and the pressing water problems of the Southwest US. We care: Asteroid Lil lives there. Please send us photos of your water places – lakes, rivers, ponds, local oceans. Tell us about them. Yeah, yeah, I know, if the Prof sees any water it'll be by accident (he gardens with a blow torch), but the rest of you can go and find some.

But even while other humans are committing stupidities, Researchers will forge ahead investigating Life, the Universe, and Everything. Particularly life. As the scientist said so many years ago, 'Everything is interesting. Everything alive is endearing.' So take a look in these pages. Leave some notes of encouragement. Send me more nature Stuff.

Have a great week, and remember: if you're flying over North America this weekend and see a lot of aerial explosions, it's because it's Dominion Day (nothing to do with dinosaurs, promise) and Independence Day. If the bears find the Roman candles, we're in trouble.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Sundog Sunset

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Butterfly Visitor
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