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Posted: 5th July 2021

Birds Behaving Badly Issue

Pigeon standing on one foot, by FWR.
Pigeon Imitates Flamingo!

It's here, folks: the long-awaited issue, previously talked about in hushed whispers! The July 2021 edition of 'Birds Behaving Badly'. Our correspondents have outdone themselves this time. Never before in the annals of avian paparazzi-dom have so many revealing, shocking, and deeply funny photos have been submitted at one time that show our birdie friends acting up, goofing off, and generally behaving in ways that would get a human arrested and/or committed.

Once you've parsed that sentence, take a long breath and a sip of water.

Ready? Okay. In between outrageous birdpics, we have other things to show you. Nature that doesn't involve miscreants with feathers. Willem takes us on a trip into the distant past. He also does a drive-by of a forest I can't spell. I have thoughts. Awix has a diabolically difficult quiz that I can't begin to answer. Bluebottle perpetrates more cartoonage, as do I. Paulh and Freewayriding have responded to the 'First Contact' challenge in very different ways. By the way, there's a new challenge this month, which you can find on this page. Be thinking about friends and friendship.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: seagulls like hot dogs, too. Invite them to your picnics. Take pics.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Science is established preposterousness.

Charles Fort

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Friends and Friendship

After You, No, After You…

And Now, for Something
Completely Different

Moon and sun together by FWR



Pigeon Vandalism!

Pigeon defiling road markings by FWR.


Seagull with Big Feet
Seagull on a lamppost with huge lights, by FWR.

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