Probiotics - Knowing About the Possible Side-Effects 

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Probiotics are beneficial live microorganisms that are known to help maintain a better digestive system. Probiotics are available in supplementary dietary form. Also, there are naturally probiotic-rich foods like yogurt that can be consumed to serve the purpose. Overall, probiotics are generally gaining in popularity, and more and more people are incorporating them in their regular diets to fight gut-related issues. But, like any other supplements and drugs, consumption of probiotics might cause some unpleasantness or adverse reaction. Hence it is essential to analyze the possible side effects that probiotics might cause before starting on them. 


Here, we shall be discussing some of the most commonly noted after-effects of probiotics and what necessary precautions you must take to avoid them. 


Bloating and Gas 


One of the most common after-effects of taking probiotic supplements is gas and bloating. But there is no need to be worried about the same. It might be the result of the introduction of new bacteria in the gut system that causes these initial symptoms. There are easy ways to deal with these gastrointestinal issues. Drinking plenty of water, and avoiding inflammatory food can help to address these issues effectively. The probiotics need some time to get adjusted to the digestive system. These symptoms are common and might occur during the early days of introducing probiotics in the diet. But keep in mind that if these symptoms continue beyond a few days, and then it is advisable to consult a doctor. 




Yogurt, Kimchi and sauerkraut are a rich source of probiotics. But these foods, when fermented, produce biogenic amines like phenylethylamine, antihistamine, and tryptamine. Some studies have revealed these biogenic amines can result in a severe headache. It is because they can affect the central nervous system, thereby causing the blood pressure to either increase or decrease. It can trigger a few problems. Although researchers are yet to confirm that there is a direct connection between biogenic amines and headaches, it is better to intake probiotics through supplements instead of fermented forms if you experience any trouble such as headaches.


Might Lead to Allergic Tendencies 


Some probiotic supplements can produce histamine in the GI tract and give rise to certain allergic tendencies in people who are intolerant to it. Excess of histamine in the digestive tract can lead to allergic tendencies such as redness and swelling in certain areas. It might also lead to itchy and watery eyes, running nose and even shortness of breath. Thus, it is always advisable for people sensitive to histamine to avoid probiotics that come in fermented form. Instead, they should first experiment with other available strains to pick the correct one for themselves. 


Adverse reaction due to allergic Ingredients 


It is imperative to carefully read and understand all the ingredients of given probiotics before starting their consumption. It is because different people are allergic to various components. Like some may be allergic to dairy products, eggs, soy, or even yeast. Thus, consuming probiotics that contain any of the allergic ingredients might cause severe allergic reactions. It is always recommended to read the ingredients and then select the probiotic that is suitable in every respect. 




Although very rare, this might also be another potential side effect of starting the intake of probiotic strains during the initial few days. It is very reasonable as the body is trying to adjust to the gut changes that take place and should be able to improve on its own within a short time. Thus, it is recommended to have probiotics in the empty stomach if this kind of problem occurs. Also, drinking lots of water is very much essential.


These are some commonly known and reported reactions that you might experience due to the intake of probiotics. But, indeed, adding probiotics to a regular diet has generally proven to be beneficial for the majority of people by restoring the natural gut microbiota balance. However, it is always recommended to follow certain simple precautions to be able to get maximum health benefits from these. 


Also, it is essential to mention here that people with a considerable lower immune system, and already suffering from some disease and those who have gone through a recent surgery, should avoid taking probiotics. Thus, it is always better to consult a doctor first and then start with probiotic consumption to avoid any unpleasant experience. 



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