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Posted: 6th January 2020

New Year, New Adventures

Porch Cat (Action Shot) by Dmitri Gheorgheni As you can see from the Porch Cat activity, the Christmas season was unseasonably warm in the vicinity of the Post Office. We hope you enjoyed your holidays, whatever the weather. Solnushka's still enjoying hers, since she had the foresight to become a Muscovite, where you get all the holidays. She sends us pics in consolation.

Willem's in the middle of summer – he says it's dry again – and he's out having adventures that would be the envy of Indiana Jones. Or maybe not. Didn't the intrepid fictional explorer say he wasn't fond of snakes? Well, guess what Willem's been doing? Setting explorer records AND chasing a big, scary cobra through the undergrowth! This is wonderful, for so many reasons:

  • It's the 500th episode of 'Colours of Wildlife'! (Crikey, as they say in Australia.)
  • It demonstrates a complete lack of ophidophobia, thus matching this month's Create theme.
  • It's the coolest thing we could possibly imagine doing over Christmas holiday.
  • We get to publish this exciting, profusely-illustrated news!

Needless to say – but we'll say it anyway – we are very, very proud of Willem and his friends. Read all about it below.

Electronic Christmas Tree by DG
We are no less proud of the rest of this amazing issue, which features:
  • Astonishing views of what the rest of the planet looks like. Glimpses into others' lives which may, or may not, cure Freewayriding of his hodophobia. Which he tells us all about in his story this week. I reach back into the recesses of my own memory to share a peculiar form of entomophobia, and where it comes from. Have you got a phobia to share? Please send your Create contributions to us.
  • Nobody associated with this enterprise is afflicted with gelotophobia. (Look it up.) We have more jokes per pixel than the average e-mag. Please take advantage. Laughter is good for you. One funny story was sort of intentional, we think, and written by an 11-year-old more than a hundred years ago. We're sure he'd appreciate you chuckling this far down the timeline.
  • We've got the usual features: Awix cluing us in on cinema, me being clueless about writing, and etc. Share and enjoy.

Please read and comment. Have a great week!

Tavaron's Christmas Ornament
Quote of the Week:   The oldest child was especially delighted when I hung up the dinosaurs.


Update from Russia:
New Year's Trees in Moscow
New Year's Trees in Moscow, courtesy of Solnushka

Create January 2020 by Freewayriding
January Create Challenge:
Phobophobia: Phobias and the
Phobic Phobes Who Fear Them
Share Your Thoughts!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





Trees by SashaQ


Voluntary Dog

Dogs deserve space, too!
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