Things Your Car Dealer Won't Tell You

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So, you have done your homework before approaching the car dealer! Do you think that it will keep you safe from spurious deals altogether? If you have the information for making the right purchase dealers also have all the aces in their sleeves to make you pay more money then you should. Cars are becoming expensive every day, so the buyers have no other option but to negotiate the prices vehemently. In order to make as much money from you as possible and keep their profits to the maximum, car dealers are looking for new ways to make their customers spend more. One method they use is the suppression of facts. Dealers will exaggerate the good features of the vehicle and deliberately forget to tell you about the limitations.

So, what is your car dealer not telling you when promoting a particular vehicle?


They are getting secret incentives you don't know about!

Do you think your car dealer is pushing a particular vehicle vehemently? If he/she is not finding enough adjectives to describe a car, smell something fishy! With a little digging, you can unearth manufacturer or even dealership incentives that is making your dealer behave as such. By pushing slow-moving models, dealers can earn anything between INR 50,000 and INR 100,000 per sale.

No wonder dealers will try their best to keep this information a secret and you can be their next victim! Some manufacturers also pay holdbacks, which is 2%-3% of the sticker price of a vehicle to the dealership on vehicle sales. So, if your dealer is telling you that they are not going to get any money on the sale, remember it is a blatant lie and you're better off minus that particular purchase.

The car has been through an accident but they are not telling!

If you are buying a used car, more often than not, your dealer is going to suppress facts regarding any accidents it had been through. This much is for sure. When it comes to such incidents the ubiquitous dealer policy is, ‘Don't Ask & Don't Tell’! For starters, why don't you try asking?

This may make them more forthcoming and you interned will be able to make informed purchase decisions. Even if your dealer lies at least you will be able to confront them regarding misrepresentation once you find proof otherwise. Reviewing the history of the used vehicle is another way to find out any skeletons in the BOOT!

You remain ignorant of additional costs other than vehicle price!

You may be aware of invoice pricing (the money paid by dealers to the manufacturers) but what about additional costs! Do you know these can escalate your overall car price immensely? Are you ready to bear such expenditure? Registration, title fee, and licensing are mandatory and these involve payments. Your motor vehicle department charges you based on the sales price of the car you purchase.

Then there may be sales taxes than you also need to pay up. Ask your dealer how much the total price is going to be by adding up these charges so that you can negotiate accordingly. Most customers try to bring the car prices as near as possible to the invoice price, but this is not the appropriate way to go! Your dealer is never going to give this information if you don't ask.

Your dealer gains from low monthly installments, not you!

The natural inclination of the buyers is to go for low installment rates on their car purchase, but is it good for you? If you are emphasizing monthly payments instead of overall vehicle cost then you may be getting a raw deal. Do you know what your dealer wants you to say? They want you to ask for low payments monthly because it will help them to take focus away from negotiating a lower price on the car. Resultantly, lower payments for you will ultimately signify a stretched out loan burden with high-interest rates! You will keep repaying and repaying for endless months, it will seem! Then you will need to think about the depreciation value of your vehicle itself if you drive long miles regularly.

Do you want to find yourself in such a quagmire? If not, always try to negotiate minimal amounts on the overall car price instead of anything else.

Online dealerships always provide better deals!

No traditional car dealer is ever going to tell you that you have better chances of finding a good car, used/new on the Internet medium instead of anywhere else. Dealerships operating from the web give their salespeople more authority when negotiating deals. As a result, you will be able to get the purchase done faster and get your questions answered in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere of your home.

What's more, you do not have to negotiate with a single dealership at a time! Compare quotes from multiple dealerships simultaneously and then make informed decisions ideal for your requirements. Traditional salespeople will keep you waiting as long as they seek clarification from their superiors before making decisions regarding car sales.

You are better off talking with the dealer than the sales person!

Do you know you'll have a better chance to negotiate and get the best price if you talk with the decision-maker in the dealership? Salespeople do not have all the information to complete the negotiations on their own. They need to seek permission and information from their superiors before making decisions. So why go via the media when you can go for direct discussions instead? For your peace of mind and for getting the best deals to bypass the salesperson to talk with the person in charge directly. He/she may be the sales manager, internet manager, fleet manager, or sales, general manager. However, you will not get this chance if you do not ask to meet them!

Why give the car dealership a chance to feed on your ignorance? No one is asking you to become a mind reader but asking the right questions never hurt! So are you ready to make the best deals on your new car purchase?

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