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Writing for business is very different to writing for pleasure, and when it comes to writing articles to another person's specifications, there is a lot to take into consideration.

Article Writing: Points to address

Ok, so to begin with you need to think about which points need addressing.

They commonly include:

  • Relevant content
  • Keyword inclusion
  • Layout and presentation
  • Word count

I am going to address each separately.

Article Writing: Relevant Content

When writing articles for other people's specifications there is a lot to consider such as word count, keywords - but one of the most important things about writing an article is ensuring the content is relevant.

It doesn't matter if you've hit every other point and ticked every other box and write a paper for me: If the content is vague, meaningless or dull then the article isn't going to have much worth.

Make sure you:

  • Research the facts from reputable sources
  • Reference anything you've included where necessary
  • Stick to the subject in hand and don't wander down off-subject avenues

Article Writing: Keyword Inclusion

One of the main reasons people will ask you to write articles is for SEO purposes - which in a nutshell means Google and other search engines will pick up on certain words and phrases in the content in order to drive natural search traffic there.

Don't worry too much about the density (the amount of keywords per 100 words), but as a general guideline anything between 2-4% is achievable without appearing to be too fluffy.

If you focus too heavily on keywords the article's content will become less beneficial to the reader.

So if your keyword is article writing, a good sentence would be:

"Article writing is easier when thoroughly researched"

Whereas a poor sentence would be:

"To learn more about article writing just type article writing into a search engine and article writing will appear to tell you more about article writing".

If you stuff keywords, Google won't like it, the reader won't like it and the article will flop. Make sure the keywords flow well within the content.

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