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Posted: 29th April 2019

42 Bottles of Beer in the Cargo Hold…

42 Beer, by Robbie. The picture is by Robbie, not the beer. He bought it. Robbie Stamp sent us this photo. He seemed excited about this beer, for some reason. He said it came from 'a local brewer in Hay on Wye!!!' After misreading the subject heading as 'ham on rye', I sorted the startling information out in my mind. 'Aha,' I thought, 'Suzie Q Ferguson explores the world of micro-breweries.' Robbie promises to go and meet the brewer and find out if Zaphod buys his beer there. In the meantime, Suzie Q Ferguson, the world's most terrible tour guide, is alive and well in this week's issue. For one thing, she's been to Hawaii, because we have an outraged photo to prove it. I asked for Waikiki Beach, not an eco-lecture. But we takes what we gets.

So will you.

What have we got, apart from deadly tropical fish?
42 Beer, by Robbie. The picture is by Robbie, not the beer. He bought it.

  • A very funny short story by Paigetheoracle.
  • Two incredible tales of youthful employment by Caimanraptorelk and Pinniped (welcome back!). You'll be amazed, and possibly want to move to either the Netherlands or Finland. Better do it before that Brexit business happens.
  • All kinds of photos. You'll laugh, admire, grow thoughtful, and just sit there stunned, by turns.
  • Cartoons to laugh at, comics to follow.
  • Quizzes to learn from.
  • A photo to caption.
  • A movie to avoid, or not, depending on your tastes. (Awix has the low-down.)
  • A brand-new Create Challenge for May. No more work: just do a bit of walking.

You'll like this Stuff, we promise. Or your money back. Read, leave comments, go out and walk 42 steps and send me Stuff! I need more Stuff! And have a good week!

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May Create Challenge:
42 Steps

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