November Create Challenge: NaJoPoMo The winter weather forecast comedy story

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When the high pressure makes its way to Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia it will enhance the strength of the northern blocking. The Northern blocking when it is strong enough is able to combat the influence of the Westerly winds. If this is combined with an intense and very strong Sudden Stratospheric Warming event that will decimate the polar vortex. This in turn will increase the chances of colder weather. It will take time for the affect of a sudden stratospheric warming event from two weeks to a month.

The weather model analysts have been muttering to themselves about going on a pub run and a pub crawl whenever they see any signs of low pressure appearing over Newfoundland and a high pressure over Greenland. There are rumours that they have been using the pub's dartboard to calculate the course of the low and high pressure and other weather variables. There is also a British weather seer horse named Credence who has foretold that there the will be high pressure and that it will remain fairly high to the North of the British Isles while listening to song by Credence Clearwater Revival "Have you seen the rain,".

The atmosphere is very temperamental and some say it could be sentient as it seems to move from low pressure to high pressure depending on what mood it is in. The lovers of cold weather will soon be eagerly watching for the medium and long range weather forecasts to see if there is any sign that very cold weather will be coming soon. They want to see the weather turn reality into a fantasy world where the British Isles will be joined to Greenland. This will ensure that the coldies will get their perfect winter weather which will consist of weeks of heavy snowfall that endows them with a variety of superpowers.

When the cold pool of air over Europe begins to cool and expand it will keep the easterly winds going. This will be quite impressive and it will lead the temperatures to become much colder. When the temperatures have plummeted by late November to early December, the many cold weather enthusiasts will be swooning with delight if they got their dream weather with minimum temperatures reaching -7 Celsius down to -14 Celsius for Central England and much colder temperatures for Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Though, I expect some will want the temperatures to go much colder for central England and Southern England.

There are many medium range weather forecasts that have a huge pool of very cold air coming from the north-east and east. The cold air could be arriving pear-shaped and maybe bringing very intense blizzards and snow storms for Europe, especially the Balkans and the Alp mountains. If this spreads to Scandinavia and further west, it will mean that we will have to bring out the champagne to celebrate while others will be drinking cognac.

When the High pressure sinks and it then retrogresses to Greenland when it is situated to the North of the British Isles and around Iceland; it will lead to much over excitement that it will entice people to eat apple and blackberry pies while they wait impatiently for the temperatures to plummet. Cold weather aficionados will want to see weather maps of the British Isles and Ireland all covered in white and buried in several feet of fallen snow while munching on dark and white chocolate fingers. Some will even be resorting to eating blue Stilton cheese to help them have dreams of the perfect winter weather which will bring copious amount of snow to the British Isles and Ireland through the power of their dreams.

The retrogression of the pressure will be discovered to be linked with Mercury being in a retrograde orbit. The retrogression will probably take its time to unfurl and bring colder temperatures. Some weather experts will start using astrology to predict the course of the weather and the reason why it changes at the last minute. The time that the retrogression will be a slow one and it will be difficult to predict it's outcome. Even so there will be a greater chance of Greenland high pressure that will be more long lasting and sustainable. To celebrate this, the weather forum members will then break out in singing and dancing to the song “Greenland High pressure Fidelity” to the tune of “High Fidelity” which will be videoed and put on to YouTube.

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