Writing Right with Dmitri: Extra – Descriptive Writing Exercise

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Writing Right with Dmitri: Extra – Descriptive Writing Exercise

Editor at work.
France for Frenchie

See this photo? I want you to describe it. Wait….

Every day, the Editors post photos and links on social media. Over on Twitter, an activist for the disabled has appealed to all of us who do this to remember that not everyone is visually equipped to appreciate photos, GIFs, and videos. There's a special feature that allows to us to include descriptions. Doing this includes our non-sighted friends in the insights and jokes we're sharing with our images. Obviously, the better the description, the more effective the sharing.

It struck me that this description business, which I do every day, is really good practice for writers. So now: how would you describe this photo so that a person who hadn't seen it could appreciate its message? What are the salient features? Try to be concise, while including the important details.

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