Post Quiz: Halloween Costumes

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Post Quiz: Halloween Costumes

Do you like to dress up for Halloween? Are you into 'cosplay'? Test your knowledge of the origin of your holiday favourites.

  1. Are you a Halloween fan? Dress like Michael Myers. All you need is a mask of another famous actor: _______ _________.
  2. You landed in Yorkshire in style back in the 1890s. You'll need a cape and fangs to be ___________.
  3. Get your mermaid tail and a wheelchair, sing 'I Will Survive', and go as Bette Midler's famous ____________ __________.
  4. Put a werewolf mask on, grab a microphone and turntable, and go as DJ ___________ _______.
  5. Put on a faux-sealskin coat and tell everyone you're a __________ from the sea. They're very romantic.
  6. Grab some hardware from the toolbox – a couple of bolts will do nicely, just glue them on your neck – add some fake 'stitches', and you're the _____________ ___________.
  7. Grr, aargh. Even if your costume monster was only invented in 1968 (in Pittsburgh, no less!), you'll always be a hit as a ____________.
  8. Want to stick your head in some vegetable matter and become a vengeful demon? It's based on a 1988 cult film, but you might enjoy being ________________.
  9. Alfred K Bender was terrified of them. Agents J and K are two. All you need is a cool suit and hat and some dark sunglasses to be a _______ _____ _________. (Memory-erasing flasher optional.)
  10. You can put on your old academic gown and a pointed hat, carry a wand, and tell people you're from _____________.

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One of Clive the Flying Ostrich's Halloween pumpkin carvings
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