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St Emilion, France

Superfrenchie writes:

And this week, we visited the monolithic church in Saint-Emilion.

Photography was not allowed inside, so I could only snap these few pictures of the outside.

It was built by monks in the end of the 11th century. They made this church by digging/drilling 12 meters down through the rock (limestone, I think it's called in English), leaving 4 big pillars for support.

It's cool and dark(ish) inside.

Then, in the 14th century, they pierced the windows (which explains the mortar around them).

Apart from those windows and the spire they added in the 12th century, the building is all in one piece.

Very impressive.

The rest of the village is really nice too, tiny medieval streets with irregular cobbles.

There is nothing in the sky (upper-right-hand corner), by the way: my phone camera seems to have a stain inside.
A monolithic church in France
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