The Post Quiz: Tinfoil Stuff

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What size is your tinfoil hat? Try the quiz.

The Post Quiz: Tinfoil Stuff

Do you know your conspiracy theories? Multiple choice.

  1. Which of these persons is not accused of being Shakespeare?
    • Philip Marlowe
    • The Earl of Oxford
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Francis Bacon
  2. Where might Merovingian treasures be kept?
    • Roswell, New Mexico
    • Rosslyn, Virginia
    • Roslyn, Pennsylvania
    • Roslin, Midlothian
  3. Where was the Kensington Runestone found?
    • Kensington Gardens, London
    • Near the Ruthwell Cross
    • In Minnesota
    • In a Reykjavik backyard
  4. According to the Phantom Time Hypothesis, who was Charlemagne?
    • King Arthur's son
    • A Viking chieftain
    • The father of Prester John
    • An imaginary figure
  5. According to the Edited Guide, what is the most probable origin of crop circles?
    • Aliens
    • Fairies
    • Doug Bower and his mate Dave Chorley
    • Cosmic energies
  6. What location is the Number One UFO hotspot in the UK?
    • Brightling, Sussex
    • Cardiff, Wales
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
    • London
  7. According to the theories of David Icke, what was Margaret Thatcher?
    • A Merovingian princess
    • The secret head of the secret Illuminati
    • Prince William's mother
    • A blood-drinking, shape-shifting alien reptile
  8. According to conspiracy theorists, what will happen if the planet Nibiru shows up?
    • Earth will be destroyed.
    • We all get a free ride to Alpha Centauri.
    • The Age of Aquarius will begin.
    • There will be a zombie apocalypse.
  9. Why did the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) publish Preparedness: Preparing for a Zombie Attack?
    • They discovered a zombie virus.
    • They were mad at the president.
    • They wanted to get people's attention, and 'How to Prepare for a Hurricane' wasn't doing it.
    • FEMA double-dog dared them to.
  10. What conspiracy group believes that all Satnavs are rigged?
    • The John Birch Society
    • The Rosicrucian Brotherhood
    • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • Flat Earthers

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