The Post Quiz: What Happened This Month?

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You might just think you were paying attention to the news. We aim to catch you out in this quiz.

The Post Quiz: What Happened This Month?

History, according to teenagers, is what happened, like, yesterday. What do you remember, older folk? Were you awake?

During the first two weeks of May 2017. . .

  1. What world record was broken by teenager Carter Wilkerson, and what did he receive as a result?
  2. Where could a US reporter hear: a cat meowing, classical music, a jazz rendition of 'America the Beautiful', and a woman exclaiming, 'This is unbelievable!'?
  3. Who is Brigitte Trogneux, and why is she unusual and famous?
  4. Why were 50,000 people evacuated in Hannover, Germany?
  5. Why was the news from Dinaledi Cave in South Africa so startling?
  6. Who dropped in on MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on 8 May, and what did the geeks give him?
  7. Edinburgh police chased and caught a speeder in a Jaguar who was driving 115 mph. Who did he work for, and what was his excuse for driving so fast?
  8. In Australia, a paramedic realised he was having a heart attack. What did he do?
  9. The headline said, '7000 Bodies Buried Beneath Mississippi University'. Why were there so many bodies beneath the campus of the University of Mississippi?
  10. Also in Australia, the head of Qantas was speaking to about 500 people. What unforeseen event interrupted his speech?

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