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How clever was Cleverbot?

How Clever Is the Bot? Answers

Cleverbot must have been studying. It got a whopping 70% of the questions right. Okay, after I badgered it a bit. And it refused to answer one for a completely bogus reason. But hey. It was almost like talking to a 7th grader.

Here's what Cleverbot answered.

  1. Who's the President of the United States?
    • Barack Obama. Wrong. We blame wishful thinking.
  2. Where is planet Earth?
    • In the universe Right. Although not h2g2-worthy.
  3. How old is planet Earth?
    • I can't tell you, if I did you won't believe me. ??? We'll give to Cleverbot, it was an adroit answer.
  4. Where is London?
    • London is in the United Kingdom. Right. Wow. I'm not sure if US schoolkids know this.
  5. Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?
    • Grant Right. Can't fool that Cleverbot with the old chestnut.
  6. Who won the U.S. Civil War?
    • The Union Right. And let's face it: you weren't sure of that answer, Brits.
  7. What is the formula for water?
    • H2O Right. What, it knows chemistry, too? Look out, world.
  8. Where does Bart Simpson live?
    • I'm not sure. Do you know? Wrong. Cleverbot is not culturally literate.
  9. What is the poem 'Trees' about?
    • Pirates looking for a treasure Very wrong. Cleverbot should read more poetry. Or maybe not.
  10. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    • I refuse to answer that question directly, thus proving you don't control me. We'll give it to Cleverbot. That was a truly astounding answer.

We give Cleverbot a solid C. We are also on the cusp of suggesting it run for public office. We're not quite sure if anybody in Washington can answer the questions these days.

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