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The train of thought is overcharging FWR for the service.

Train of Thought

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The Words finally finished squabbling over their allocated places from The Book into Short Or Long Term Compartments. The Cats apparently tired of their bout of Furniture Parkour and, at last, all was quiet. I settled in, watching the lights play teasingly behind my eyelids just as the slightly nasal Midlands voice (strangely familiar in a kind of Frank Skinner meets Noddy Holder way) echoed out.

"The Train now leaving Bedroom One is the 23.36 to Dawn; stopping at Reflective Practice, Vague Memory, BuySomeBloodyPrinterInk, QuiteAGoodIdea, Whatisname, ClockWatching, Worry – (links to DidILockTheBackDoor, AnnoyinglyLoudPulse and StrangeNoises), RandomLyrics, WasHisNameSteveSomething, CantGetThePillowsRight, HowICouldDoThatInPhotoshop, ItchyLeg, ShouldaWouldaCoulda, MustWriteThatDown, DontLookAtTheClock, LongDayAhead, BloodyNoisyFoxes, JeezShesSoBeautiful and, finally, Dawn.

Passengers travelling on to StubbornWeekendLieInIfItKillsMe or MayAsWellGetUpAndPutTheKettleOn must change here.

Thank you for using FWR, we trust you will have a horrible journey!"

The dim green display shows 04.32 – a new green kaleidoscopic echo rather annoyingly blossoms on my futilely closed eyes; next stop – WhoWasThatGermanPhotographerThatDidTheCrazyNeonLandscapes ?

If only my brain had a snooze button.

All aboard for yet another long night on the Insomniac Express!

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