The Post Quiz: Philosophy 101

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Wax philosophical, like these guys.

The Post Quiz: Philosophy 101

We all know those bores who drone on about Kierkegaard? But what did he really say?

Match the philosopher to the catchphrase.

CatchphraseThinking-type person
  1. Leap of faith
  2. Cogito ergo sum
  3. Γνωθι   σεαυτον
  4. Music of the spheres
  5. Rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty
  6. Guardian of the Threshold
  7. Moral luck
  8. Das Ding an sich
  9. Hypothetical realism
  10. If you do not find it believable it may be that you have not yet reached the necessary stage of evolution.
  • Konrad Lorenz
  • Vroomfondel
  • Rudolf Steiner
  • Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
  • Bernard Williams
  • Descartes
  • Socrates
  • Kant
  • Pythagoras
  • Kierkegaard

Easy, right? If you want to check your memory, click on the picture below.

Montage of folk asking philosophical questions
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