Asteroid Lil's Towel: Ready for Warp Speed Getaway

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Towel Day is here! Where's your towel?

Asteroid Lil's Towel: Ready for Warp Speed Getaway

Asteroid Lil's really useful towel.

Lil sends this picture with a note:

After I became paraplegic, I was placed on the early evacuation list in case of wildfires, so I got a small luggage, put together a running-away bag, and added a towel. Of course. On the day the ambulance came (8 February, 2012), I grabbed the running away bag, thinking I'd be home again in a few weeks. This is that towel.

Lil, we love you. We think are a super Hitchhiker. And we are so glad that wherever you go, you always know where your towel is. You are an inspiration to us all.

Update: Today, Lil added, 'Ever since I got my towel out of the luggage, I have actually kept it by me and found it to be a useful part of my life...'

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