NaJoPoMo Highlight: What I Would Have Written About

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Spotted around the site: signs of NaJoPoMo. We stole them.

What I Would Have Written About


3 days in and I had to abandon NaJoPoMo. My place of employment suddenly hit the news headlines, not entirely unexpectedly, but it's been "interesting" and will continue for a good few months yet.

So, on the 3rd I wrote about our cross London dash to make it to the shape shifting Barbican by the skin of our teeth. On the 4th I missed writing about how much we enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet, the hottest tickets in town this year, although I booked with no problems. I could have also written about how, yet again Moonlight and I were annoyed by the incompetence of other people, in this instance a young girl 2 seats away who kept checking the time on her phone, in clear breach of the announcement that even the lights on phones would be distracting to others and the actors. I gave her – and her mum – a stern teacher talking to in the interval, and Barbican staff had noticed it too so stood someone behind her for the second half.

Anyway, BC was excellent, very animated and entertaining, with tremendous stage presence and energy. It was a fast paced production and we had brilliant seats. And the set was amazing! The Barbican stage can take a big set and the first half showed the sumptuous vastness of a royal palace, with high doors, portraits and swords on the walls and a huge banqueting table. In the second half the set was cleverly transformed into a battle field. His speech at the curtain call about refugee children was from the heart, very moving and absolutely spot on. Don't believe everything you read in the Daily Fail.

"No-one leaves home, unless home is the mouth of a shark… No-one puts their child in a boat, unless the water is safer than the land." Warsan Shire – Home.

On the 5th I was going to write about my day out at the lovely Knightshayes in Devon with a little of Britain's industrial history thrown in for good measure with a mention of the Ludddites and some information about the inventor John Heathcote, who seems like he was a decent boss. And my drive past the mills in Tiverton.

On the 6th I was going to write about seeing Spectre with Moonlight. We booked for the first showing on release day. Everything you want in a Bond film really. A preposterous plot, a villain, car chases, explosions and a bit of playing fast and loose with the geographical layout of London. Loved it.

On the 7th I was going to make my annual appeal. Do something amazing. Please. Are you healthy, over 17 and able to spare an hour 3 or 4 times a year? If so, do it. If not, find someone who is, and encourage them to donate on your behalf. That's still amazing. Please HREF=" #giveblood" TITLE="Give Blood">don't leave it to someone else.

7th was also my mums 80th birthday. No one is quite sure how she made it this far, but it will most likely be her last and we all knew it. We had a nice family lunch out, lots of catching up because sharing the carer's responsibilities between us means we don't actually get together in person much. Mum was delighted to see us all together, and no one remembered to take photos. There were balloons, flowers and chocolates. (Happy birthday to Asteroid Lil too.)

8th I thought I might have a rant about education, but given the events unfolding at my workplace, perhaps not. Instead, I did some decorating at a friends flat. I'm helping her to get it on the market. Ever decorated the home of a smoker? Don't.

9th, today. Mondays are my day off now that I am part time. I mostly worked, marking and emails, but at least from the comfort of my own sofa rather than my more hectic workplace. And, given the events of the last week, I congratulated myself on dropping responsibilities and going part time. Even though I was clearly working on my day off, and mostly sending extensive emails about being expected to work on my day off. Hmmm.

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