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Spotted around the site: signs of NaJoPoMo. We stole them.

Message in a Bottle


A cat.

Very slow day today even the cats were boring and were very well behaved. The problem is even when they are genuinely being good you can't quite believe it, and feel obliged to check.

Cats are quiet at the two extremes A. really serious evil deeds, some smaller animal becomes seriously and messy terminated, or ripping 7 bells out of some piece of furniture that had so far escaped claw sharpening duty.

B. The problem is bother it, when they are content happily dozing, that is normally is a result of activity A.

Cat toys last just seconds. I take more time tidying up than destruction, I'ts amazing how far debris is discovered from the epicenter.

Kebabs for tea today that was a high spot and managed to finish before the cats turned up for tasters, that was tough. smiley - evilgrin

So that was it, just preparing for well overdue decorating to do, and better start to get ready for Christmas that will come sooner than I think. smiley - erm

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