NaJoPoMo Highlight: Bluebottle's Conspiracy Theory

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Spotted around the site: signs of NaJoPoMo. We stole them.

Bluebottle's Conspiracy Theory

The Night Garden character, Makka Pakka.

Today the children were both really excited and rushed out of bed at 6am. We have a rule that they're not allowed to watch television in the morning unless they've had breakfast, are washed, dressed and made their beds, and unusually they hurried to do just that – for today a new series of 'Teletubbies' began at 7:25am, which they were both very excited about.

Normally there's a bit of disagreement between them as my son, who is 7, is fond of CBBC while my 5-year-old daughter prefers CBeebies, but though my son loves programmes such as 'Danger Mouse', 'Blue Peter', 'Newsround' and 'Horrible Histories' he is very fond of programmes aimed at the youngest, such as The Teletubbies. Bless him, and big hug.

smiley - shhh Since then on h2g2 I've read smiley - thepost and discovered that I've been asked for a conspiracy theory. Well, as it happens, today I've put the finishing touches to an entry on Charlotte Yonge. Once a Victorian best-selling author, she is now almost completely forgotten. She's a strange author as she lived an isolated life yet wrote about big families. She had quite strong right-wing views that I cannot agree with, so I'm not sure whether to disagree with her or just pity her for being a victim of a rigid, stratified society.

Still, I've been asked for a conspiracy. Charlotte Yonge lived in the same village all her life and didn't get out much, so is probably the only Victorian that conspiracy theorists have never suspected of being Jack the Ripper. If she'd had a gentleman caller it would have been noticed by the gossiping villagers; she couldn't have become scandalously pregnant and hidden it. So why did her friend, Christabel Coleridge, destroy all of Charlotte Yonge's papers? What secret was she keeping…?

Winchester, it's not bringing us down.
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