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1st November Introduction

2nd November What I did on my holidays. 24th October - morning. In which coelacanth and Moonlight are frustrated by the uselessness of other people, but get a big surprise!

3rd November What I did on my holidays. 24th October - afternoon. In which coelacanth and Moonlight are again frustrated by the uselessness of other people, and do a lot of running!

9th November A quick recap on what I would have written on the
4th to 8th November, including a brief review of Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet, a visit to Knightshayes house in Tiverton and seeing Spectre with Moonlight. And my annual reminder to

do something amazing #giveblood

11th November A quick question about curved screen TVs

14th November Interesting times.

15th November Something to look forward to. The Tempest by candlelight in February 2016.

16th November A review of the continued good health and busy lives of some of the members of my 2015 deathlist.

17th November An autumn meal.

18th November There's a storm a coming'.

19th November

Milk in first please. Click here for an animation

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