The Post Quiz: Mockups of Mayhem

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Not all games people play are completely innocent. Some involve war.

The Post Quiz: Mockups of Mayhem

Ever play a war game? Name these warlike games.

  1. If your card is higher, you win the 'battle'.
  2. Try castling your king.
  3. In this Viking board game, you 'fight' using sheep's knuckles and strategy.
  4. This Prussian tabletop war game includes a gamemaster.
  5. Sink or swim, this naval game can be fun.
  6. Do you like to play with your toy soldiers? We'll let you if you name the science fiction writer who invented a war game played with spring-loaded toy cannon.
  7. Okay, it's still war, even if you are an elf or wizard. But don't lose your odd-shaped dice.
  8. It's war, and perhaps as you know it. With model Dark Elves, Chaos Dwarves, and Vampire Counts. And it's classic.
  9. The year is 1947, you're playing this electronic war game, and you're making history. You're not making your bosses mad, because they like it when you practice launching missiles.
  10. If you played this fictional game, you might accidentally commit genocide.

Wow. And you thought you knew all about belligerent games. Click the pic for answers.

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