Spoils of War: The Deadliest Game

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You remember Star Wars? Not the movie…the US government project we only wished was a movie? It was still there in 1991. We present, thanks to the Internet Archive, highlights from this awesome undertaking. We don't know if it counts as Games People Play, but we sort of suspect it might be…

The Deadliest Game

What follows is available online. For all the world to see. Just in case you were wondering where all those nuclear weapons went. Vanished in a puff of air when the Wall came down, did they?

We refuse to edit this, because we believe in the public's Right To Know, which includes the discovery that those generals WERE using Powerpoints. To plan Nuclear Stuff. This worries us because we were led to believe that Powerpoints were used to convey information to people with short attention spans. We do not want these people to have short attention spans.

This is from the US Department of Defense (DoD), and it's dated March, 1992.


Evolving ballistic missile capability of world countries, 1992.Presidential statement about SDI.

Please note: This is George H.W. Bush. The Powerpoint fails to note this because, well, nobody knew that his son, George W. Bush, would someday became president, too. Some futures are unimaginable.

Diagram of national missile defense.Summary of top-level US strategy in 1991.

Do we feel safer now? Does putting it on a Powerpoint make us feel more secure? Let us hope planning has evolved since 1992.

And thanks as always to the vigilant souls who post these things on Internet Archive.

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