Writing Right with Dmitri: Writing by Autohypnosis

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Writing Right with Dmitri: Writing by Autohypnosis

Editor at work.

You are getting sleepy, sleepy…

Try writing something for fun. Try hypnotizing yourself into the realm of your imagination. It isn't hard.

Relax. You can go anywhere you like. You're perfectly safe. After all, you're in control of the action…

Where does your mind take you? Past, present, future? Or sideways, into an alternate universe in which things turned out a bit differently from what we laughingly call RL? Start there.

Who or what interests you there? Is it a person? A group of people? A whole countryful? What are they like? Playful? Adventurous? Timid? Obsessive? Focus on the adjectives. Let the images unfold.

Don't stop now. Get nosy. What are they doing? Why? How does it come out? Success or failure, don't wake up until you know the answers. Keep your mental telescope trained on them until you've seen it all.

Got the story? Now, wake up.

Jot down the bare facts. You're a good reporter. Read them over. Ask yourself: who, what, where, when? Got that. Okay. Now ask why. That's the important question, the one only you can answer.

Got it? Now, share it. Write it down as if you were telling it to a close friend. Make it interesting. Throw in the play-by-play. Imagine your friend nodding in growing comprehension…

Now. You've got a story.

Isn't autohypnosis fun?

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