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Posted: 22nd December 2014

Merry Writings to All!

A Chocobo in a Christmas tree.. See that? That's a chocobo. Mags tells me so, and I believe her. It's nested in her Christmas tree, and I imagine it's happy there. We hope you are all happy out there, wherever you're nesting during this holiday season. May your drinks be appropriately warm or cold, your reading matter, online games, and/or films pleasantly entertaining, and your proximity to/safe distance from loved ones be all that your hearts desire.

Somewhere in between gift giving, eating, drinking, carol bellowing, etc, you might need a respite from the jollifying. We hope the articles in this week's Post will aid you in this endeavour. In this week's array of information, mindfulness, and humour, the Usual Suspects regular columnists are joined by Rod, Bel, and Bluebottle, who've all come together to make this a memorable issue.

The crossword is back – you know we wouldn't forget to stuff your stocking with that favourite – and the Quiz will have you singing carols. The aliens may be outraged by the poseurs on the comet, but the rest of our cast are mellowed out by the season and ready for the arrival of Santa, who got his pilot's licence in 1927, who knew?

Enjoy the jokes, wonder at the beauty, and let Rod make you thoughtful. Just don't spill biscuit crumbs on your laptop.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a blessed Hogswatch to you all! See you next week for the end-of-year number.

The h2g2 Post 2011 Christmas banner.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Capybaras  by Willem.
  • Dragon Tree by Willems.



  • The aliens are disgusted, no aliens on the comet.
  • Santa gets a pilot's licence.


  • Christmas dreams of a young married couple in the 1890s.
  • Santa and the New Year's Baby do the crossword.

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