October Create: Bad Day at the Office

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This material is not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned.

A Devilishly good read from FWR

Bad Day at the Office

Amir tugged at the collar of his bespoke Cesur shirt, he could already feel the clammy dampness spreading across his back and armpits. As the newest rising star in the organisation, he hoped the Boss wouldn't notice his discomfort. But the Boss tended to notice everything. That was, after all, why His Lordship was still the Boss after so very, very long.

Van Haagen, it seemed, had also noticed his nervousness; he waved his hand casually around the black and glass boardroom, "Hot as Hell in here isn't it?" He gave Amir a reptilian wink, his tongue tracing the unfamiliar smile on his face. Point scoring with his peers always brightened his day.

The twelve Apprentice Department Representatives didn't have much longer to torment each other however. The elevator opened with a slight hiss and the Boss entered without a glance at the six men and women on either side of the black glass table. He took his throne-like chair at the head and the lights dimmed even further as the screen illuminated.
"To say I’m disappointed with this year’s figures would be a shocking understatement", the voice was like treacle mixed with broken glass, beautifully rounded but with a clear undertone of threatened agony.

"Acquisitions and Contracts – down 6%" the steely grey eyes pinned Johnstone to her seat.

"Medical and Accidental down 8.5%" The smile rapidly disappeared from Van Haagen's mouth.

"Need I go on? Mr Amir, welcome to the board, Military and Enforcement - a drop of just over 2% I believe?"

"Thank you Sir, I mean, sorry Sir, but the conflict in the Middle East Your Lordsh....."

"Conflict!" the Boss visibly steamed, "Your conflict is at present of as much impact as a child's playground tantrum, you have no idea how much a true conflict would impact this company Mister Amir!" the snarl on the Boss’s face turned Amir's stomach to ice water.

"Gentlemen, Ladies, I have nothing more to add, these figures are unacceptable and as such you will each, as per your contracts, suffer suitable penalties. Now if you will excuse me I have a rather annoying meeting with my rather smug competitor scheduled, so please, show yourselves out. You will be contacted by my associates to discuss your performances individually. Good day to you."

They struggled to their feet, knees quaking as the Boss strolled out of the boardroom and into the private elevator. Only when the doors hissed shut did the panic set in and questions about their fate mooted.

His beautifully manicured nail jabbed at the redly glowing number seven and the lift eased itself gracefully downwards.

Several minutes later the doors hissed open, allowing a blast of heat and brimstone to enter the enclosed space. Satan breathed deeply as he strode out onto the shop floor, "Bloody apprentices!"

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