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Narlesha the Dragonslayer

"The story is ages old," Tinza says. "It predates the main problems we had with the Unyielding. But back then there was a similar problem as well...a lesser problem, perhaps, but quite bad enough for the people involved. A dragon called Vigoyorr had come down and made its lair in the high peaks of the south. It was attracted by the precious gems and metals that folks were mining there, and it attacked and raided camps, villages and, most traumatically, the then-prosperous city of Bokorinin. Many dragonslayers were summoned, but the dragon killed them all.

"Finally a young maiden called Narlesha decided to give it a try. She was the daughter of a trader who travelled all over our lands; her father was wealthy and she had much experience of different peoples and places. For a year or few she asked, wherever she and her parents travelled, of any people with knowledge of dragons. She asked questions, sought out books, read, and thought. She finally asked her father for his blessing, which he gave, also promising her any financial support he could muster.

"So she commissioned special armour to be made. She had heard of wise men who had hidden themselves in the mountains, the implication being that these were M … er, magical people. Narlesha went to them, explained what she wanted, and in the end had her armour, which had some shockingly magical qualities. The armour was impervious to the sharpest and strongest blades; also resistant to extreme heat; and last and most magical, it could be turned invisible by a simple spell!

"Then Narlesha had a sword made by the finest smiths in the realm; it was extremely long, tough and sharp, yet light enough for her to handle. She practised with it, as far as she went asking for sparring sessions with renowned warriors. Many obliged, and in the end, she fought well enough that they didn’t need to hold back.

"At that point she believed herself to be as capable as any, and went to the city of Bokorinin. She pledged in front of the mayor and his council that she would rid them of Vigoyorr. As reward she asked for a fifth part of the dragon’s hoard, on bringing them its head as proof of its demise. They agreed, not really believing she would succeed."

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