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Project 42 is a loving musical tribute to the H2G2 series of books. It is the creation of a performer using the name of Zaphod. OK, Zaphod is me and I must stop referring to myself in the third person, it just creeps me out. I think the series are the funniest books ever written and no matter how many times I read them I still laugh out loud. The project is to create original music for each chapter and character in the books. I realize this will be a huge undertaking but I am determined. I originally planned on making it all instrumental as I realize I sing like bricks don't.  Then I thought why not find some passionate fans of H2G2 to help. The plan is simple, I record some tracks with drums and rhythm and upload them to a web page. Potential contributers would them listen to them, find one that fancies their style, download it and add their vocal track(s) and send it to me. I would then add more tracks to compliment the vocals and post the finished song to the page, giving credit to all contributers. No money is involved as this is truly a labor of love. I have created an email account just for communicating with any interested volunteers. It is [email protected]

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