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Posted: 20th January 2014

Following Our Noses

All these virgins are making the Rhine cruise a drag. You know, there's a reason you read h2g2, instead of those other websites. It's the content. Those other people follow the trends. If it's a holiday, why then, everybody's in a holiday mood. If the latest buzz is all about the most desirable movie star, they're right there with the hot pics. All the while, they're urging you to buy, buy, buy. Not us.

Instead, we're inviting you to wonder at the tale of St Ursula and her 11,000 virgins. It was quite the urban legend, back in the day. Speaking of legends, Bengal Tiger's brought us a treat, all the way from India. The Mahabharata may not be in the news headlines, but this ancient epic is a world treasure. You're going to enjoy it. Forget Game of Thrones. We've got Arjjuna!

The Create Challenge writers have outdone themselves, again. They're here to take you on amazing journeys. Magwitch has been up a hill, and gone through a mountain. Take that, Hugh Grant. SashaQ shows us that venturing from home can be an adventure, while pebblederook invokes the magic name of Belgium. Who could resist its siren call?

We don't set our minds by the internet clock. We take time to smell the roses, and admire the Green Man.Rod's making progress, and boy, are we interested. Awix lets us pause to reflect on history, courtesy of the cinema, and benjaminpmoore reminds us to look both ways – in more ways than one.

We've hidden a chuckle or two in here, and possibly stirred up a hornet's nest with the quiz, but hey, it's all good. We keep reading, and talking,and who knows? Someday soon, the rest of those websites will wake up to the fact that we world users won't be dictated to. We'll think what we want, when we want to. We'll read, write, and encourage each other in the global republic of letters.

So enjoy! Leave a comment or two. And if you've got a story to tell, or a picture to share, or even a joke that's burning a hole in your brain, let us know about it!

Enjoy your week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Wattled ibis by Willem
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  • The road goes on.



  • That was one bad fruitcake.
  • Krishna and Arjjuna blowing the conch.


  • Aliens go on a spree.
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  • Rod's Green Man keeps growing.

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