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Let's talk about higher education.

The Post Quiz: Who Went Where?

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In Matt Weiner's TV series Mad Men, a British character says a curious thing. When his wife asks why he wants to live in the US, he says, 'I've been here for almost a year, and nobody has asked me where I went to school.'

We gather this is an important question. It might be that in the 1960s, when this show is set, people were judged by what school they went to, more than by what they knew? We're just guessing, here.

So we thought we'd ask you, the quiz-taking public: do you know where these famous people went to university? Mark them: Oxford, Cambridge, and (ugh) Other. After all, there are a few unlucky famous people who didn't go to either august institution.

Have fun!


  1. Andrew Lloyd Webber
  2. Tim Roth
  3. Stephen Fry
  4. Bill Clinton
  5. Guy Burgess
  6. Douglas Adams
  7. Robbie Coltrane
  8. David Cameron
  9. Salman Rushdie
  10. Hugh Grant

Think you got them all? Click on the picture to find out.

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