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Well, that was fun. A trawl through the musical loves of various researchers.

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We had pictures, and text and some excellent memories. We'll even get a new guide entry on Paul Robeson and I'm looking forward to that as well.

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I promised a story, and now the Challenge itself is over (for now) I'll share it here.

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It was a Wednesday, 19th December 2007 to be precise and it was my 'Birthday Gig' for the year. We were off to see The Wildhearts, a favourite of all of the family, so we took our son who was five at the time. K had been really excited - it was his first 'proper' gig. He went to school wearing his badge emblazoned denim jacket and even then had quite long hair for a boy. As per usual we ended up setting off late and missed most of the first support band. Shame really, as we quite liked Damone. We did catch them at the Merchandise stand later on, and K got their autographs.

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The second support were Wolfsbane. Being a massive fan of Iron Maiden, we thought K would absolutely love them, he did, until he fell asleep. Thankfully a nearby bouncer happened to have a chair let use it and we took turns with him on our knee. When the band had finished K woke up. I bought him an orange juice and we headed again to Merch stand. The guys there were amazing, and he received several freebies - including that night's poster which can still be seen in my kitchen, albeit a bit battered and ragged now.

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The Wildhearts were absolutely brilliant, as ever, playing all the old favourites, Nita Nitro, Geordie in Wonderland, Stormy in The North Karma in the South, Caffeine Bomb and several others that I can't mention. The tiredness during the previous band was gone and K managed to make his way near the front. One chap, with my permission, set him on his shoulders and he bounced away for a couple of songs. It was truly unforgettable. K has been to several gigs since then, his hair has grown longer and his denim jacket has become a leather one, but your first time is always special.

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For all those that took part in The August Create Challenge, you have my thanks, and soon I'll be sending out the code for the badges you can put on your Personal Spaces. Until next time…

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