Stone Circles, Henges, Hillforts and other Monuments... Easy Index

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Hello and Welcome to "Stone Circles, Henges, Hillforts and other Monuments... Easy index".

I have listed what's on the edited entry list for two reasons. The first is to make it easier to find a Pre history entry, and the second is to identify gaps that researchers can fill.

If you are interested in the period please consider filling the spaces.

Its a bit like the H2G2 challenge without the free T shirt. If I have missed any current entries please let me know and I will add them to the list.

54 Entries


  1. Henge Monuments
  2. Stonehenge
  3. The Avebury Neolithic Monument, Wiltshire, UK
  4. The Woodhenge, Durrington Walls Henge and Stonehenge Complex
  5. Thornborough Henge Complex
  6. A Walk Around Men-an-Tol, Cornwall, UK
  7. The Ring of Brodgar, part of The Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site
  8. Hill forts and Chalk Monuments

  9. Cissbury Ring - West Sussex - Hill fort
  10. Old Winchester Hill Hampshire - Hill fort
  11. St Catherine's Hill Hampshire - Hill
  12. Beacon Hill, Burghclere, Hampshire - Hill
  13. Haughmond Hill, Shrewsbury, UK
  14. The Uffington White Horse, Oxfordshire, UK
  15. The Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorset, England
  16. Bokerley Dyke And Grims Ditch Dorset - Dyke
  17. Mounds

  18. British Burial Barrows: Introduction
  19. Barrow building Cultures
  20. Pond and Saucer Barrows
  21. Bowl Barrows
  22. Bell Barrows
  23. Disc Barrow
  24. Irish Neolithic Tombs
  25. The Neolithic Passage Tombs of Bru na Boinne
  26. Ritual

  27. Summer Solstice
  28. The Mysteries of Stonehenge
  29. The London Stone
  30. The Nebra Sky Disc
  31. The Phaistos Disc
  32. Druidry - Today and Yesterday
  33. The Lascaux Grotto
  34. Life

  35. Neanderthals
  36. Cavemen
  37. Pre-Celtic Ireland
  38. History of the Celts
  39. A (Very) Brief History of Ireland
  40. The Neolithic Revolution - How Farming Changed the World
  41. Maes Howe, part of The Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site
  42. Skara Brae, part of The Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site
  43. Chislehurst Caves, Bromley, UK
  44. The History of Spain - The First Inhabitants
  45. Related Later History

  46. The Wrekin, Shropshire, UK
  47. Hampshire Earthwork Castles
  48. The Wheel
  49. Archaeologists
  50. Viking and Saxon Mounds
  51. Dartmoor, Devon, UK
  52. Crete
  53. Hallstatt - The Oldest Salt Mine in the World
  54. An Irreverent History of Steelmaking
  55. Hieroglyphs
  56. A Brief Timeline of Chinese History
  57. Pre-Inca Andean Cultures
  58. A History of Numbers
  59. Hares in Mythology


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