Can A Mark in the Sand Change the World?

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From Comedy, to a Computer Programming Language, to Educational Wizardry, History is Being Made Every Day.

Take a stick and draw a line in the sand, seems insignificant, even weak. And yet, more times than we notice, the long term effects change the landscape.

Allow me to further my point in terms of a short story about how two connections from times past may have something to do with the future. This story begins with Monty Python - a Brief History. This mark in the sands of UK minds may have seemed weak to some, but was not weak. It did influence one Guido van Rossum along with many other English-speaking people. Our first connection is made where we learn about "Python - the Programming Language," and how Guido took its name from Monty. Python, the programming language, is no joke. It is a popular choice of University efforts as well as others who would leave a mark on humanity.

Our second connection is made when one University noticed a change in the quality of would-be students. Python, the programming language, was not as common amongst the candidates as had been hoped. Then, in flashes of imagination, a play-thing that could inspire preteen would-be geeks is conceived. It would have to be cheap, Python programmable, and inspirational. As the brain-storm intensifies, a bare board computer takes shape. Lightning flashes, the wind blows, and the play-thing is named Raspberry Pi. [For a more in-depth reference see "Introducing the Raspberry Pi"] Years passed by, but progress prevailed. Prototypes are created, a non-profit organization is created, and dreams came true.
In 2012 it was released into the public domain.

This passionate new mark in the sands of History looks to reshape the landscape of young minds and more. Where is your passion? If it is Comedy, be at with verve. If your thing is Education, make your mark. Do not think your mark is weak, there is no telling how your mark might change the landscape of History.

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