Create: Sports and Fitness - The successes

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And now, the medallists. . .

Create: Sports and Fitness – The successes

Woman athlete completing an Ironman Competition.

Since Create is unable to resist the temptation to boast that we went to the Olympics opening ceremony, we were especially fond of this month's challenge. The Create Challenge for this month was as follows, it tasked readers and researchers to enrich the guide with their words on Sports and Personal Fitness.

This entry below shows those who entered, whether they have EG entries, Post articles or Journal entries, and what they have tackled our widespread Create challenge with. Every entry for the challenge, whether under "Sports" or "Personal Fitness" could be related to one or more Olympic event, so having snuck through a few journals and cried out for some help, these people give us the results.


This list includes anything on sports generally, or anything about the Olympics, history of sports or even famous places linked to sports or the Olympics. The following people have registered an interest in their sport.

This list includes entries about personal fitness, or about fitness generally – a personal history or anything about the topic. This category includes individual feats of fitness done for charity or other non-competition event.

Apologies stand for being unable to link directly to Ramya's journal – what can you do? Well you can follow that U-number there and go take a look and comment on her interesting tale.

And as for Z's? Well for that you'll have to control your immediate suspense and take a wander over to the Post. Create was asked not to reveal any secrets here, which after the appearance of several very polite men dressed in black suits, we agreed not to.

The brave people above1 deserve as many claps and cheers as the athletes that have been scoring medals on the television for the countries of the world represented here in this very guide.

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1Especially those who did the sport or exercise in question, rather than Create who was too lazy and avoided anything actually tiring.

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