65-A Birthday Poem

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A new poem written near my "Point Of Beginning" July 2012

Today I'm 65

And here I am you see—close to my P.O.B.

I have stood in Antarctica, and watched the snow fall there.

I have withstood triple digit heat,

Heard the grass crunch neath my feet.

I've slept beneath a pure dark sky

Observed the heart of our galaxy pass by.

I strove to do, I strove to win.

I had my share of victory and defeat.

The world changed and so did I

Watching the years fly by.

I managed to stay alive,

And with God's help retain my drive.

Am I really 65???

I came to help and partake

More than just a birthday cake.

I came to know, I came to learn

God's grace you cannot earn

For you, for me

God's grace is free

it's free. smiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - smiley

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