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This Guide Entry has been written for all Editors to explain the picture upload tool we use to add any pictures to h2g2. Only Editors have access to it.

Log in

Ok, that bit is quite obvious: log into the Editors' tools, choose 'Artists' and 'upload image'.


The title is the name under which an image will appear in the image library. You should choose the file title without the '.jpg' or '.gif' or whatever it is.

Alt Text

The alt text will appear instead of the picture if the picture does not load for some reason. It should be a description of what can be seen on the picture, but don't make it too long. For example, "Two ladies in 19th century dress standing outside a hall" is fine, whereas "Two ladies wearing some rather fetching shawls as part of their traditional 19th century costums door outside a fake Tudor hall that looks like its seen better days" is not so fine.


This is maybe the most difficult part. In this section you add all the keywords that bring up the picture when someone searches in the library. It's a big box, as you see. Add as many as you can without getting ridiculous. Just put the words next to each other without commas.


If a picture has been made by a Researcher you write their U-number (without the U) into this box. If the picture is from a different source you write the name of this source like 'US Library of Congress' or 'NASA' or the name of a company or artist who owns the copyright for the picture.

At the moment any credits that are not U-numbers can not be automatically added to the pictures but in the future this will be possible, so you should always add credits.

Image File

This one is obvious again, click on the button and search for the image file on your computer. The file has to be already named (see below) and cropped correctly.


By pressing this button the picture will be uploaded to the image library. If the upload was successful the file title and 'file exists' will appear at the bottom of the page.

Naming pictures

All pictures that are used to illustrate Edited Entries should have a _promo added at the end of their name. In the same way banners have an added _banner and badges a _badge. Pictures used only for the Front Page get _FP added and are 625x350 px in size.

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