The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 4

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The mad list compiled by Jabberwock and friends continues.

The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 4

PS And of course, you may add your nonsense to the mix. Post below, or join the thread.

Books to help you understand Flaubert's Parrot

  1. Ecological building Tim Burhouse
  2. Insights into Watt Aloda-Codswallop
  3. Household May Camelia Leftovers
  4. ???? ?? ??? ????? I Fergott
  5. Memoirs of an Packard Erm
  6. Why Did You Do Ida Dunno
  7. Man in a Al Packitt
  8. My Long Career in the England Football U Sless
  9. Recovering from Incontinence.....By I P Nightly.
  10. Pseudonyms.....By Ivor Nothername
  11. Who Killed the Red S Noopy
  12. The Iza Gonn
  13. The Hera Hiam
  14. My First 100 Di Wenimreddyandnotbefore
  15. Childish P Shooter
  16. Viagra and Its Side Willy Everhard
  17. Heaven Is In Your I.M. Cumming
  18. The Worst Employee I Ever Doctor Wages
  19. Nasty Smells and their Alf Arted
  20. TV C Watson
  21. The Hangman's Hung Lo
  22. Successful Lou Swaite
  23. Unfinished Lou Sendz
  24. The Big Indie Beginning
  25. Lovely but Ida Marrida
  26. Life Is an Accident Waiting To Brenda Fender-Bender and Glenda Fender-Mender
  27. How to Start Putting Things Right in This Country.....Jointly written by Stan Dupp – Ann Becounted
  28. My Great Stage I.M.A. Starr
  29. How to Look Good on the Dance Shakura Butt
  30. The Invisible Wes Egon
  31. The True Bonnie Prince Charlie Willie Naycumbakagen.

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