How to Write a Recipe

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This is a template for a recipe which you are free to copy.

In the first paragraph you should write a general description of the food you are going to provide the recipe for. Some interesting facts, or some background information about where the recipe came from, and how you discovered it. Say whether it is a family recipe, or you discovered it on holiday. Generally paint a picture to build up the reader's interest in what is to follow.


You should put your list of ingredients here, make sure you use either all metric quantities, ie grams and litres, or if you decide to use cups, or Imperial measurements please stick to one or the other, and provide conversions wherever possible.

  • Put them in a list like this
  • Make each ingredient have its own line
  • The GuideML for this is called an Unordered List
  • State how many people your recipe will serve


This is where you explain how to prepare the dish. Think of each step and imagine someone else following your words. It is probably quite easy, but if you get stuck, read it back to yourself step by step. Double check that you've not left out anything.

You may need more than one paragraph, as it is easier for someone to read if you break it down into separate stages.

Don't forget to explain the temperature and the length of time your recipe should be cooked for


You may wish to add a small summary, perhaps with serving suggestions or alternative ingredients.

To see the GuideML, and copy the template wholesale, just change the letter A in the URL to test( in the address bar in your browser), then press return and you will see all the necessary coding which you can copy with a right click of your mouse, and paste into an empty Add Guide Entry, on your own personal space.

You'll only need to do this if you want to put your Entry into GuideML, otherwise it is fine in normal text. If you would like to do this, please change to one of the heritage skins, by going to 'Preferences' and select either Classic, Alabaster or Brunel from the drop down list, and then press 'Update'.

Good luck!

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