Space Dolphin (CAC Edition)

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Space Dolphin

The space dolphin is an illusive creature found in space. While many people dispute the space dolphin obvious existance, there are a select few that truly believe in its existance.

What is a Space Dolphin?

Quite simply, the space dolphin is a dolphin that floats through space. It is often picked up by traveling starliners or spaceships and held in a Space Dolphin Tank and monitored by a Space Dolphin Monitor Specialist. The lifespan of a space dolphin is very short, since any dolphin cannot live in unpressureized space. When a space dolphin ends up in space, it promptly explodes (quite messily, in fact).

What Does a Space Dolphin Eat?

Space fish, of course

What Can a Space Dolphin Do?

Like any other dolphin, the space dolphin can swim, flip, squeek, and smile. One quality that is lost to water dwelling dolphins that is avidly practiced by all space dolphins is the ability to shift and travel through time and reality. They have often used this quality to save the lives of disgruntaled space adventurers and idiotic replacement space captains.


The space dolphin is an endangered species. Due to space poachers and the space dolphin weak resistance to vacuums, its future is deeply in question.

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