Diary of a Time Traveller - Doctor Who Fan Fiction (CAC Edition)

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The Doctor, just the Doctor. No more, no less.

When I first met him I didn’t know what to think. Then I realised something. That the entire fate of the universe rests on his shoulders. Isn’t that a scary thought? That the entire universe depends on one eccentric Englishmen. Except that he isn’t really English. He’s an alien.

That’s often hard to remember. He’s been through so much, seen so much. And the lives he’s lived. Yet he won’t share it with me, he won’t even tell me where he’s from. It’s all so easy to forget, because he forgets better than anyone. Some days he doesn’t even know who he is. Those aren’t fun.

But were to start? My name is Alice.

I wonder sometimes if it could all be a dream. My time with the Doctor could easily be some deranged fantasy. How would I know any better?

I was normal before all of this happened. Before the Doctor appeared with his haphazard smile and took me away from normality forever.
I can never go back to my old normal life. I’ve learnt too much and changed too much. That’s why I’m destined to travel space and time with the Doctor until I die. Considering his track record with assistants, the future doesn’t look bright on that score.

Trust me, I don’t want to go home, but how can I stay here? Because one day it will become as mundane and boring as my old life and then what do I do? I’m already starting to get tired, so much running, so much fighting.

I’m stuck between worlds with no where to go.

But where to start? The beginning might be a good idea.
I can’t even remember the date that I met the Doctor, as a time traveller you tend to lose track of time real fast. It’s all relative after all. I don’t really remember much about that day, just the Doctor standing in front of the TARDIS grinning, and a lot of snow. You’d think I’d remember it perfectly… after all it’s the day I left earth for good. But I don’t. Isn’t that weird…

Wait! I do remember a little more. The doctor standing in the snow slumped against the TARDIS in what I would come to recognise as his Time lord routine, he seems to have the need to act all deep and mercurial sometimes, you get used to it. That was quickly shattered when he looked up and a grin split his face.

“Any chance I can convince you too come with me? I can’t guarantee it will always be fun, or safe, but you know what? I’ll show you places you can’t even imagine, you’ll learn things that no other human ever has. I know it’s scary but trust me.”

I can’t remember what ran through my mind when he said that, but I do know I was afraid. I often wonder if he knew the extent of what he was asking, he wanted me to leave everything and everyone I had ever known, with someone I had just met. But that doesn’t seem to matter now because I said yes. In my darker moments I still wonder why he asked me, I’m just a normal person, nothing special. I asked him one day but he danced around the issue refusing to say.

I guess what I’m trying to do is give you an insight into the Doctor. He’s the most amazing person, so filled with energy, intelligence and compassion. He’s one of the most human people you will ever meet, there’s honestly no one like him in the universe, and yet he can seem so alien at times. That’s what the Doctor is though, a mass of contradictions fighting for attention; it’s what makes him who he is. I’m lucky enough to travel with him, though he does have his moments. He tries to pretend that everything is always ok, even when it’s collapsing around his ears. Sadly he’s often at his best when everything is going wrong, that’s when he really starts to shine. Perhaps that says more about his personality than I ever could. You’ll get to meet him one day, though only if you’re lucky.

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