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Abi - U281
Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley
Tony Parsons "Man & Boy"

a girl called ben - U148580
Just finished 'Catch 22'
Brought 'Sense and Sensibility' to Stockholm with me
'Two under the Indian Sun' by Jon and Rumer Godden
And of course - my diary, as Oscar Wilde says - one must have something sensational to read on the train!

Ashley - U276
'Live from Golgothat' by Gore Vidal - truly witty, funny and quite insightful.
'Truman Capote - A Reader' - because I recently rewatched 'Breakfast at Tiffany's and had to read this again.
'Saki - the Complete Works' - this is ideal reading for the tube as it is a collection of short stories and plays by one of the UK's most neglected wits. He's as funny as Wilde and as irreverent as Coward.

Dogster - U153452
'The First Circle' - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a worryingly amusing story of life in the "special prisons" of Stalinist Russia
'Selected Non-Fictions' - Jorge Luis Borges, eclectic essays on various topics, even some film reviews
'50 Years of Communism' - G.F. Hudson, written in 1967 so not very up to date

Ekki - U130666
HHGttG due to obvious events and also cos I've only read it once - got the omnibus with the first four books - started on monday and am just about to finish The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (have to say it contains one of my favourite lines of all time: "He's spending a year dead for tax reasons" - absolutely superb!)
Karl Marx - biography of the feller rather than a Marxist rant - very interesting although hardly what you'd call light reading!
Crime and Punishment - old Fyodor doing his stuff - splendid!
I always have The Complete Works of Saki somewhere nearby ... have four copies scattered in various places including a copy in the car ... it's got to be done.

Indefatigable - U173328
"Hornblower and the Hotspur" by C. S. Forester

Metal Chicken - U97477
Just finishing 'A Shadow on the Glass' by Ian Irvine. Nice world ideas but so badly written I can't bear to read parts 2 & 3
Just starting 'The Reality Dysfunction' by Peter Hamilton. Only 80 pages in and I'm hooked already.
Wading through 'Archaeology & Language' by Colin Renfrew. Interesting stuff but takes a little concentration.
Dipping into '100 Love Sonnets' by Pablo Neruda. OK I admit it, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.

Mr. Cogito - U161008
"The Flaneur" by Edmund White (strolling through the streets of Paris)
"The Vintage Collection of Amnesia" ed. Jonathan Lethem (short stories I don't really remember now
"A Treatise on Poetry" Czeslow Milosz (long poem about this century)

The Nitpicker - U142167
White Teeth - Zadie Smith
The Miracle of Castel di Sangro - Joe McGinniss

Niwt - U162817
"Sophie's World" by Jostien Gaarder
"The Left-hander Syndrome" by Stanley Coran.
Harry Potter now, except in French, it's cool reading something in another language, really cool. I've been comparing the English and the French versions and found lots of changes...the title of the first one is different, and Hogwarts is Poudlard. There's also a whole added bit explaining what a prefect is...they probably don't have them in France!

Researcher 175148 - U175148
Little Green Men by Christopher Buckley
Re-reading the HHGTTG (just starting Life, the Universe and Everything).

The Return of The Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase - U168712
"Finn en sy mense" by Karel Schoeman (Fionn and the Fianna, Afrikaans translation)
"A Guide to Mathematics for the Intelligent Nonmathematician" by Edmund C. Berkeley
"Lewis Carrol, and Illustrated Biography" by Derek Hudson
"The Mind Map Book" by Tony and Barry Buzan

Santragenius V - U6287
Single & Single", John le Carré. When he's good as in this one (and, IMHO, especially The Night Manager), he's terrific.
"Den russiske trilogi" (that is, "The Russian Trilogy") by Leif Davidsen, Danish journalist/writer.

St. Dax of Goodheartedness - U172473
Star Trek Dark Passions, Book One, by Susan Wright.
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

Wayfarer - U149536
'She is the Darkness' by Glen Cook
'Blood Price' by Tanya Huff
'Children of the Mind' by Orson Scott Card
'Star Dancer' by Spider Robinson
'Lord of Light' by Roger Zelazny.

W****E - U158948
Rat Pack Confidential by Shawn Levy

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