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<peacesign>The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is the largest single-issue peace movement campaigning continuously against nuclear weapons.<peacesign>

<peacesign>For over 40 years CND have been campaigning. They argue that unless Britain and the other nuclear powers disarm, others will be encouraged to join the nuclear club. (as has happened)<peacesign>

<peacesign>Nuclear weapons do not increase our safety. They are a threat to our national security.
Nuclear weapons (in fact, all weapons of mass destruction) must, and can, be internationally banned with strong controls and enforcement measures put into place.<peacesign>

<peacesign>The UK Government signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1969. This United Nations treaty binds the UK to the abolition of all nuclear weapons. In 2000, the present government re-iterated it's commitment to the NPT and they signed up to 13 steps to Global Nuclear Disarmament. So why have none of the steps been implemented as yet?<peacesign>

<peacesign>Nuclear weapons are both immoral and illegal. The development, testing and use of them have already destroyed the lives of far too many generations. Future use of nuclear weapons would devastate numerous more generations. It has to stop.<peacesign>

<peacedove>Add your voice to the voice of CND. Let it be heard. Ban the bomb.<peacedove>

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