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Recently, i have experienced quite a bit of mischievous or hostile intrusion into my space...
either into a thread i started
or into a thread i was participating in
or into a thread i was watching
or into my personal space...

even tho i have yikesed some of those intrusions, as per instruction, sometimes it does no good
as i write this i am currently under an 'Entry Premod' kind of police thingie
why i have no idea

be all that as it may, i have decided, premod aside, this still is the best and evidently ONLY place i have
where i can have something happen, here on h2g2, that i have any control over...

so this is how its gonna be

if you want to participate in this experiment
just know i dont know how its gonna go yet
but it should be interesting

firstly, subscribe to this entry and i guess any conversations that may occur below it
then you can talk to me thru the conversation list below
you cant get in here, in this space, without my permission

and i like that

and no matter what you do there in those conversations....
really wont bother me
because its not in my face

so i will change this here...
and with your permission add anything you say in the conversations that i like, whether i agree with it or not...


if no one responds to this that is okay too
at least i will have a forum where no one can mess it up

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