Destination Jamaica where Everything Is IRIE!!

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IRIE! means allright!!

Another word you may here a lot is NO PROBLEM (does it need explaining)

As the aeroplane banks right you see this wonderful country white beaches but where is the runway .Oh there it but sooooo close to the beach just a little scary then with a large thud you hit the tarmac.

At last you are here the doors open and the seatbelt signs are turned off the heat is stifling but this is what you have paid for you disembark the aircraft and a short walk to the terminal building ,as you walk through the terminal a large fan whirrs around but only blows the heat around as it is very antiquated,wires dangle down and you think is this jamaica (un beknown to you the deaprture terminal is a brand new building but you wont find this out until you leave)so your heart may sink .

As you are shuffled through the terminal not as strict as cuba and much more relaxed . you are reunited with your luggage then directed to your coach.There are porters waiting to carry your bags to your appointed coach but wait the porter then says to you "do you need anything to make your holiday go smoother"(reffering to marijuana)with this i refuse as we had been warned on the plane on descent into Jamaica

The coach slowly fills up then off to your hotel. as you make your way through montego bay you can see the poverty all around as most holiday destinations but soon you are in the hotel district.You arrive at your hotel book in then up to your room, quick change into your costume and down to the pool . You stickout like a sore thumb as most of the people around the pool are a little lobster like with there tans , and there you stand milk bottle white but so what the y will be going home soon .

The pool so inviting you dive in and swim up to the poolside bar and this is when you know when you are on holiday,sipping pina colada's in the afternoon sat in a pool sipping cocktails. Then a stroll along the beach but what is this ?


Oh no!! what will you do (it seems around august the jelly fish flock to the beaches in montego bay)possibly stick to the pool oh well.As you stroll further along the beach a volley ball court on the beach now you are talking (this will keep me occupied)there seems to be a daily activity programme if you are intersted or if not there is the beach and the sun ,well you are on holiday!!

The first evening or after noon you are trying to keep yourself awake the 5 hours time difference is a killer ,but the sooner you get yourself into the timezone the more fun you can have.

The people around jamaica are so friendly and laid back and this kinda rubs off on you and makes your holiday so relaxing.

As this is the carribean the weather you get in august and september is tropical storms and hurricanes but dont let this frighten you as these people know exactly what to do! This researcher has personal experience of both as he has visited these countries around august and september and survived !!!

There are quite a few markets dotted around the island and are usually stop off points on trips ,at these places there are a wide variety of things to buy and bartering is the order of the day and if you're skills are good there are some bargains to be made .you will usaully have a craft fair at the hotel aswell where the locals sell there produce. It is usually high quality items include paintings,marble carvings and leather goods .

Places To Visit In Jamaica :-

Dunns River Falls - a naturally occuring waterfall dont forget to take your camera as the guides take your pictures at various points whilst you are climbing the falls(this is a must do)

Blue Mountains - this is where you will find the world famous blue mountain coffee beans you can also purchase some to bring home and try it yourself.

Bob Marley Museum - The home of the god of reggae music but not one of the highlights of jamaica as all you can see are newspaer cuttings stuck to the wall and you cant even photograph anything!!

Some Travel Tips

The currency is jamaican and american dollars (but watch out because the exchange rate for jamaican dollars is about$50=£1 but then you have to work out that against the american dollar)

It is not safe to walk round at night (stay in the relative safety of your hotel compound)

At markets and such like you may be hassled in to buying , barter ,barter is your best option but do not be intimidated!!

Allthough marijuana is widely used please dont attempt to bring some home!!

This Author Has A Few Last Words !!

Apart from thes few warnings you should have an enjoyablle holiday as the Jamaicans are a friendly people english speaking aswell , but i can assure you this will be one of the most relaxing places you will have visited . I came back with the same attitude as the jamaicans and still use it to this day NO PROBLEM ! I think we could learn a lot from this jamaican attitude and the world could be a much more chilled place.

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