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All facts on this page have been researched and believed to be 100% accurate although the grammar may have to be adjusted. Thank You. vegiman:-)

BTW I believe all links are accepted guide entries apart from THE BEES which if not already submitted , will be shortly.

<P>We are all plagued by these nasty little creatures throughout the world. Midges are certainly among the smallest being about 1.3 millimetres in length and the Mydas flies (found in South America) are one of the largest, with a wing span growing up to 7.5 centimetres across</P>

<p><small>There are around 100,000 kinds of flies world wide and form the largest part of the insect family, they have only two wings. Their scientific name (which is Greek) is Diptera and means precisely that, two wings.</P>

<p>We are all familiar with the common House fly which irritatingly buzz around our houses & kitchens beating their wings about 200 times a second. They live for about 21 days, unless you get them first with a spray or the deadly FLY SWAT. If you don't have one of these, a rolled up newspaper makes a good substitute.</P>

<P>Fruit Flies which are midget size insects, can also be a bind to our way of life. See <A href="/A152902">VEGETABLE RACKS</A>. These are akin to Midges and Gnats. Intestingly there are insects we do not normally associate as flies like Mosquitos but they are every bit a member of this two winged family.</P>

<P> Many of these dirty creatures that feed on us and our food, out number the human race many fold. We even pollute ourselves and the world, trying to get rid of them along with other insects which can also be a menace to us. Scientist are trying to combat these six legged fiends, without much success, by attacking or removing their breeding grounds which are normally found in stagnant water, decaying meat or rotting vegetation.</P>

<P>These insects seem to act like spies, spying on us and all we do. The FLY ON THE WALL making us feel as if they could be sending sounds and pictures back to their base. Their eyes are are made up by 1000's of lenses, you cannot escape their gaze, making the bristles on the back of your neck to stand on end.</P>

<p>These creatures are among the most dangerous pests known to man, they carry germs that cause serious diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness, filariasis, dysentery and many more. They Poke their noses - 'if you can call them that' - into our business, us, as well as most of our foods, they spread deseases and plagues, killing more people than any war. They don't realy have a nose as such but a kind of mouth which is almost funnel shaped. The thickest part at the head, and the tubelike section called the proboscis thins out to a point. Biting flies don't realy bite as such they feed by using the proboscis like a penetrating straw. The non biting fly has a sponge like tips to their proboscis called the labella and sponge up the liquids. If the food they require is not in liquid form they break it down by secreting saliva which liquidfies it ready for digesting. The gifts they leave behind for feeding them are germs. What lovely creatures, talk about the biting of the hand that feeds you.</P>

<P>These (<A href="A3123">Flying disease artists</A>) out number us, we don't stand a chance. For every fly you manage to destroy, there seems to be a 100 to take its place. Some of Earths vegetation are trying to help, but they are fighting a losing battle. Three cheers for the (<A href="A71452">venus fly trap</A>).</P>

<P>Some crafty Flies immitate <A href="A85772">BEES</A> our pollen collecting friends,(the wasp is also immitated) looking and acting very much like them but they are part of the fly family. (These impersonaters have only two wings)</P>
<P>The Four Winged Flies like butterflies, caddisflies, damselflies, dragonflies, mayflies, and scorpionflies are not really flies as their name implies. </P>

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