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The man sat on the train. He watched the world around him go by. Then suddenly a man towered over him. "Give me your money"

The man, Jack, looked up and answered anxiously "erm ok..." and passed him his wallet.

"Thanks!" Smiled the thief politely, and walked to get off the train.

Just as he was a fat, suspicious looking man with a cap covering his eyes with scruffy hair, wearing a jacket. "Excuse me" he said from under his hat as the thief started to walk away.

The thief ignored him.

The capped man turned around and grabbed the man by the arm. "I said excuse me." He said loudly from beyond the cap.

The knife man took out his knife and turned it towards the capped man. This was seemingly a mistake. The man moved faster than lightening. And disarmed the man quicker than you can say kung fu. The man in the cap looked the least likely ninja that there ever was. But a ninja was he.

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